• we specialise in helping
    adolescents aged 16+
  • there's no better reward than to see
    someone respond to your belief in them
  • everyone should be trusted with
    the chance to improve themselves
  • a little encouragement
    can turn a life around
  • in complex and highly-charged situations,
    our emphasis is on patience and practicality
  • motivation can change someone with
    attitude into someone with character
  • when home is out of bounds...
    where can a young person go?
  • ready to listen and respond
    to problems around the clock
  • we respect young people and
    we expect them to respect us
  • the most important skill of all
    is positive thinking
  • comprehensive care programmes
    for adolescents

Excluded Pupils

This scheme provides a flexible programme for the support of excluded pupils, or pupils at risk of exclusion.

Based at our Enfield and Waltham Abbey Centres, LCS Choices can provide tuition in English and Maths, a range of activities aimed at improving behaviour, co-operation and socialisation and work taster opportunities for pupils based in schools, academies or PRU's in North & East London, South East Herts or South West Essex.

The activities we provide include:

  • Life skills, such as healthy living/eating
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Sport
  • Outdoor activities
  • Educational Visits
  • Supervised participation in our "not for profit" shop to gain work experience

When home is out of bounds...
 where can a young person go?