• we specialise in helping
    adolescents aged 16+
  • there's no better reward than to see
    someone respond to your belief in them
  • everyone should be trusted with
    the chance to improve themselves
  • a little encouragement
    can turn a life around
  • in complex and highly-charged situations,
    our emphasis is on patience and practicality
  • motivation can change someone with
    attitude into someone with character
  • when home is out of bounds...
    where can a young person go?
  • ready to listen and respond
    to problems around the clock
  • we respect young people and
    we expect them to respect us
  • the most important skill of all
    is positive thinking
  • comprehensive care programmes
    for adolescents

Key Facts

  • We can take the most difficult to place and vulnerable young people. That includes those in contact with the criminal justice system, substance misusers, young mothers or pregnant young women.
  • All young people placed with us get good quality accommodation. We believe that this, combined with flexible outreach support from our support workers, gives them the best chance of achieving full independence.
  • Accommodation is found close to any constructive support networks the young person has.
  • Accommodation is found close to transport links to enable the young person to access training, education or employment opportunities.
  • Outreach packages can be tailored around the young person's needs, starting more intensively and reducing as they become more independent.
  • Our extensive specialist insurance cover means no financial come-back for the placing local authority or the landlord.
  • Our in-house maintenance team helps keep the young person in their placement.
  • We produce a weekly report on the progress of each young person for their responsible social worker.
  • Each weekly report is reviewed by the support worker's supervisor.
  • Supervisory staff receive supervision from a qualified social worker.
  • All staff receive an enhanced CRB check.
  • Support workers undertake the NVQ CYP Level 3 after they have been with us for 6~9 months.
  • Every young person has access to our independent visitor in the event of a complaint.
  • We provide a 24/7 support telephone number to young people placed with us. Our on-call cover will go out if required.

Motivation can change someone with
 attitude into someone with character