• we specialise in helping
    adolescents aged 16+
  • there's no better reward than to see
    someone respond to your belief in them
  • everyone should be trusted with
    the chance to improve themselves
  • a little encouragement
    can turn a life around
  • in complex and highly-charged situations,
    our emphasis is on patience and practicality
  • motivation can change someone with
    attitude into someone with character
  • when home is out of bounds...
    where can a young person go?
  • ready to listen and respond
    to problems around the clock
  • we respect young people and
    we expect them to respect us
  • the most important skill of all
    is positive thinking
  • comprehensive care programmes
    for adolescents

Foster Care Partnerships

Recognising that fostering a teenager can present its own challenges, we have established a fostering agency, Foster Care Parnerships, which specialises in supporting foster parents as they tackle the particular challenges of fostering a teenage. Drawing on the skills and experience of our support workers, and the resources of our education unit, we can provide a wider range of support options for the foster parents of a teenager than other fostering agencies. For further information please visit www.fostercarepartnerships.co.uk

We respect young people and we expect them to respect us