• we specialise in helping
    adolescents aged 16+
  • there's no better reward than to see
    someone respond to your belief in them
  • everyone should be trusted with
    the chance to improve themselves
  • a little encouragement
    can turn a life around
  • in complex and highly-charged situations,
    our emphasis is on patience and practicality
  • motivation can change someone with
    attitude into someone with character
  • when home is out of bounds...
    where can a young person go?
  • ready to listen and respond
    to problems around the clock
  • we respect young people and
    we expect them to respect us
  • the most important skill of all
    is positive thinking
  • comprehensive care programmes
    for adolescents

Semi-independent Accommodation for Care Leavers

LCS Partnerships brings together the services of London Care Solutions and Northern Care Partnerships into a single organisation serving London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Berkshire

With nineteen years’ experience in providing services for care leavers and other disadvantaged teenagers, LCS Partnerships has a demonstrable track record of providing high quality and flexible services for both care leavers and their commissioning local authority.

In complex and highly charged situations, our emphasis is on patience and practicality